Two presentations, including an invited talk, at the annual meeting of the Laser Society

09:00 - 09:30
[E09-12a-V-01] [Invited Speaker
Optical frequency comb generated by micro optical resonator and application development of WGM laser
Riku Imamura1 , Shun Fujii1,2 , Soma Kogure1 , *Takazumi Tanabe1 (1.)


B03-12p-II-04] [Abstracts for Paper Presentation Award] [B03-12p-II-04
Generation and Precise Control of High Repetition Rate Soliton Microcombs by High Q-value Micro Optical Resonators

*Shun Fujii1,2Koshiro Wada2Aoma Kogure2Motoi Kumazaki2Yasuhiro Kakinuma2Takazumi Tanabe2 (1. RIKEN, 2. Keio University)

In this presentation, we report on the generation and control of high-repetition-rate soliton pulses using a micro optical resonator with a high Q-value. Optical frequency comb (microcomb) generated by a micro optical resonator has attracted much attention as an optical frequency comb light source that can achieve high repetition rate at low power.
We have controlled the wavelength bandwidth and repetition rate of soliton microcombs using frequency stabilization techniques. We also report on the fabrication of a high-precision resonator using precision machining.