Learning the Skills to Create a New Vision."

Message from Prof. Tanabe

Diversity is one of the most important things we must consider when pursuing research. I firmly believe that it is essential that we have group members from different backgrounds to conduct innovative research. I spent six years in Germany during my childhood. I stayed a year in the US as a senior-high-school student. So I know how challenging it is to live in a different country. We will support international students. So please do not be afraid to come to Japan.

In technology, industry, politics, etc., many things are becoming more and more complex.We need people who can find order in fragmented information, construct a new framework, and show us the direction in which we should go.This is true in the world of business and in the world of research. This is true in the business world as well as in the research world.

In the world of research, individual physical phenomena may seem completely unrelated. However, there is an overall order hidden in them. Research is nothing more than the work of discovering the essence and connecting it to true value. Moreover, basic research takes a long time to reach practical application, so it fosters the skill to construct a long-term vision.

Through basic researchDiscovering Order out of ChaosfourCreating ValuefourBuild a long-term visionis that theWe're building a new framework."This will lead to the development of skills. This will become increasingly necessary in many fields in the future.

Research is an activity that delves deeply into a specialized area. However, it requires a great variety of skills.

Our laboratory is located inAll design, fabrication and evaluationThe program is designed to provide students with programming and CAD skills in design, nanofabrication and chemical process skills in fabrication, and photonics and data processing skills in evaluation. Students acquire programming and CAD skills in design, nanofabrication and chemical process skills in fabrication, and photonics and data processing skills in evaluation. In addition, students will develop skills in research planning and presentation.

The number of tools used in basic research is orders of magnitude greater.This allows students to acquire well-balanced and comprehensive skills. We also use AI, which is very popular in our laboratory, as a tool for data processing. We also operate lasers and nanofabrication equipment that cannot be operated in everyday life. Quantum computers are also acquired as knowledge of optical circuits. TheseAcquisition of specific and multifaceted skillsThrough theAbility to show vision to othersThe following is an example of a case in which the user is asked to nurture the

Our research has attracted international attention. Your research results arePresented at international conferencesandCompete and collaborate with foreign researchersYou will be blessed with opportunities.

Japan is facing problems such as a declining birthrate and an aging population, but the center of the world economy is shifting toward Asia, and cooperation and competition with neighboring countries will increase further. Cooperation and competition with Europe, the U.S., and AsiaLearn about diverse culturesThe importance of building a network is increasing.Exchange with top researchers abroad because of the international recognition of our researchThe students are stimulated and learn from each other.

In Tanabe Laboratory, 18.51 TP2T students who have completed their master's degree have entered the doctoral program (as of April 2019). And the students who entered the doctoral course are100% Research study abroad at a foreign research instituteThe laboratory has experience in the field of international networking. This laboratory is an environment where you can truly build a network with foreign countries.

The "san" suffix is a commitment to

We are holding a lab information session for students who will be assigned in 2024. Open Labs are free to come and go as they please. Individual information sessions are also available at any time.


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Individual information sessions and lab tours are held in person. Please visit the Yagami Campus and see the experimental equipments in our laboratory. You can send us an e-mail or fill out the form below.