From Competition to Cooperation


 Research results are presented at international conferences by master's and doctoral students.

 I don't know if I'm up to the task of presenting at an international conference. Don't worry at all. As long as you work hard on your rotating lectures and graduation research, your skills will improve step by step, and before you know it, you will have the ability to do so. The best way to develop your skills is toThe level of common sense is high."environment. Our laboratory is making various efforts to provide such an environment to our students.

Presentation at the International Conference

 In order to maintain a high level of excellence, the results of the laboratory must be at the top internationally. The faculty members will spare no effort to achieve this.For example, Prof. Tanabe chaired CLEO, the oldest and most important conference related to photonics and electronics. As a chairman, he is a presenter of plenary lectures, and is shown in the following image.View hereHowever, it is essential for you to have an environment where you are always in touch with information from the center of the world to improve your "natural" level.

Chairing an international conference with speakers

As known as open innovation, when technology becomes more complex, more value can be created by working together as a team than by competing alone. Since our research ranges from basic to applied, we actively promote external collaboration.

When you pursue joint projects with foreign and domestic research institutions, including joint research, you will have opportunities to discuss with professional researchers on an equal footing. You may not believe it now, but in two years' time you may be discussing with professional researchers in English!

Seminar at Technical University of Munich

D. students in our laboratory study abroad for a certain period of time at research institutions outside of Japan. D. students will spend a certain period of time at research institutions outside of Japan, including Harvard University, Technical University of Munich, Max Planck Institute (tentative), Purdue University, and the University of Freiburg. Students can also build an invaluable network by staying and collaborating with these universities and research organizations.

We regularly invite lecturers on academic writing and cross-cultural communication to help students develop their international mind-set. In addition, English writing skills can be improved by the English correction by British students when writing papers.

Few laboratories spend a large amount of money to improve the specific skills of their students in this way, but at our laboratory, we believe (in a pejorative way) that "people are our assets," so we do not neglect investments in improving presentation and communication skills, not to mention research activities, which are the essence of our work. We do not neglect investments to improve presentation and communication skills as well as research activities, which are the essence of the laboratory.

We invited an instructor of intercultural communication who is famous for his TOEIC book

We also encourage students to actively contribute to international conferences, and we support not only exchanges with overseas researchers, but also the experience of learning about food, art, and other cultures as an important part of our program. Because we are in an environment where it is commonplace for master's students to present their research at international conferences, students can gain such experience at a young age.

What is the TANABE LABORATORY in figures?

We are holding a lab information session for students who will be assigned in 2024. Open Labs are free to come and go as they please. Individual information sessions are also available at any time.


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