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Doctoral Thesis

  • Master's thesis: A study on coupled resonator quantum memory for integration of time-multiplexed single photon sources
  • Master's thesis: Study on multi-wavelength analysis using photonic crystal waveguides including randomness
  • Master's thesis: Fabrication of SiN ring resonator for two-tone signal generation for frequency-variable THz wave generation
  • Master's thesis: Frequency tuning and soliton comb generation using crystal resonators coupled with piezo actuators
  • Master's Thesis: Application of Magnesium Fluoride Crystal Resonators to Wavelength Division Multiplexing Communications
  • Master's thesis: Study on gain and saturable absorption for the development of mode-locked lasers with micro optical resonators
  • Thesis: Design and optical evaluation of SiN ring resonator for soliton comb generation
  • Thesis: Mode-locked operation in a microcavity coupled system with gain and saturable absorption
  • Thesis: Optical frequency comb using magnesium fluoride micro optical resonators and its application to high capacity optical communication
  • Thesis: Study on junction of Si waveguide and SiN waveguide using reverse tapered structure
  • Thesis: Study on the performance of hydrogen gas sensor using micro optical resonator at low concentration
  • Master's Thesis (Completed in September): Highly Efficient Wavelength Division Multiplexing Optical Communication Application of Optical Frequency Combination by Magnesium Fluoride Micro Optical Resonators
  • Master's thesis: Fabrication and optical properties of high-gain Er-doped micro optical resonators
  • Master's Thesis: Silicon Nitride Micro Optical Resonators for Microcomb Generation and Transmission Applications
  • Master's thesis: Study on fabrication of low-loss micro optical resonators using silicon nitride deposited under low-temperature conditions
  • Thesis: Soliton comb generation and its control in SiN ring resonators
  • Thesis: Research on hydrogen gas sensor using micro optical resonators
  • Thesis: Study of soliton pulse formation in micro optical resonators with saturable absorption
  • Thesis: Study on telecommunication wavelength band photonic crystal monochromator using visible light detector
  • Thesis: Study of Raman Com transmission using micro resonators
  • Master's thesis (completed in September): Light frequency detection in a chirped photonic crystal waveguide spectrometer using deep learning
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