"Achieve Ultimate Power Savings with Light"

Research Goal

To approach the essence of light, to master light ultimately, and to pioneer new ways of using lightWe will conduct research. The goal of the project is to develop a "Ultimate Energy Savings with LightThe realization of the "M" in the "M" is the realization of the "M" in the "M".

One example.Ultra-low power optical signal processing circuitThe system is a light source. Signal processing can be made much more energy-efficient using light, which could not be achieved using conventional electronic technology alone. To achieve this, it is necessary to useDevelopment of containers that confine light, called micro optical resonatorsThe light confinement is a key to realize optical memory, optical switch devices, and so on. By confining light, optical memory and optical switch devices can be realized.

of light, "the ultimate confinement of light."The Nature of Physical PhenomenaThe research is aimed at exciting physics research such as the manipulation ofEngineering StudiesThe research is being conducted in the two directions of In addition, we have been working on a new research theme that has been growing as a pillar theme of our laboratory in recent years, namely, theOptical Frequency Comb ResearchDevelopment of the world's smallest pulsed laserImproving the performance of nanophotonics devices using AIcovers a wide range of areas from physics to applications.

The following are examples of major research topics

Research Themes

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