First and second grade classes

Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminar I

Class Outline

Electrical and electronic technology is indispensable to support the information technology industry, and it is clear that Japanese industry will develop around this electrical and electronic technology. The purpose of this seminar is to provide students with concrete examples of what kind of human society is being developed in the development of electrical and electronic technology, and what kind of studies are necessary for such development at universities. In Seminar I, students are divided into groups of about five and receive direct instruction from several faculty members.

Message to students:.

This class is required for second-year students.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminar II

Class Outline

This seminar is a class conducted with the cooperation of many laboratories in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The purpose of this seminar is to learn about research and development as the interface between academics and social activities, and related issues by working in small groups on problems presented by each faculty member. Specifically, students can experience laboratory research.

Message to students:.

Students can learn about research and development as the interface between academia and social activities and related issues by working in small groups on laboratory research experience, programming, electronic circuit design, and social implementation.

Basic Experiments in Science and Engineering|Responsibility: Resonant Circuit

Class Outline

Resonant circuits are used in various electronic devices. Students learn about electric resonator circuits using the RLC circuit as an example, which is the basis of resonator circuits.

Message to students:.

This is a very interesting experiment that allows you to actually experience the RLC circuits you have learned about in textbooks, and once you understand the content of the experiment, it is very interesting. I am also impressed by the fact that, if the experiments are conducted properly, the results are almost exactly as in theory. Of course, there is a margin of error because it is an experiment, but if you understand the theory, you can estimate the error quantitatively and understand the phenomenon, making this a very enjoyable experiment.

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